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Completed! 10 Songs 10 Days



10 Songs 10 Days (10N10) is a creative music project lead by singer/songwriter Matt Thien. 10N10 started 5 years ago on the soils of Africa. Here, the first of many 10N10 projects was born. Now, Matt is in the midst of the second 10N10 project and has teamed up with Christ House in Washington DC. This music project created and recorded 10 songs inspired by the stories of the individuals who are the community of Christ House. Matt’s outlook on his 10N10 projects is solely about giving back. These music benefits and projects are created to raise more awareness to the organizations he teams with- an idea similar to our Bean Projects model.

Raleigh Coffee Company was excited to partner and support Matt with this music journey and wanted to help him to bring more awareness to Christ House through his music and believe in this full circle initiative to give back by using the tool of a marketable product. We traveled to Washington DC and Nashville to support Matt during his recording at Andy Hunt’s studio and was able to fund one of his 10 songs through his sponsorship program.

We thank everyone who purchased coffee during the months of December ’12 and January ’13 which helped us to partially fund this great project. Matt’s current music can be found on YouTube and iTunes.

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