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Completed! Love Wins

line Completed! Love Wins


This Bean Project was with Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh, NC. Love Wins is located in the downtown area of Raleigh where they have an old house renovated as a community center. This organization has its doors open to the homeless community in Raleigh and offers them a warm, dry, or cool place to congregate. They offer coffee, doughnuts, washing machines, computers, books, telephones, and a worship center are all available for this community.

After being introduced to them through Raleigh Coffee Club and supplying coffee to them a few times, we felt great synergy over the idea of teaming up with them for a Valentines Day specific project. Not only was this a Bean Project which they were funded by a portion of proceeds from coffee sales, we also decided to design a custom bag and run a limited release of this coffee and coffee bag.

We printed 100 bags, filled them with 1 pound of coffee, and $5 from each bag purchase funded Love Wins. We were able to raise $500 for this organization by Valentines Day. That was enough resource to fund one individual escaping homelessness to begin their new life under a roof.

Thanks to all who participated in this special Bean Project. We shipped coffee all over the nation. From Washington, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

We look forward to continuing our relationship growth with Love Wins through coffee!

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